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Hello World!

Gravatar Join EnvironmentJust to start I want to present this blog.

The intention is to write about environment. A big and complicate topic, as complicate as interesting.

I have been interested in environment since I was a little child and now, after my studies in social communication and after I discovered how much I love to write… now I want to transfer my passion in articles, posts聽and whatever written form.

The philosophy of this blog is to have an active and critical point of view about everything that is all around us, about society and its mechanisms, about policy and states. We will see how environment is connected with all that could be called society.

In addition to this I will also be writing about other things that catch my attention even if they are not directly connected with environment.

Moreover, as this is my profession, sometimes we will see together some aspects of communication, copy-writing, advertisement and social marketing.

Let’s start & Join Environment!

Let鈥檚 get to know the Author or read the posts!


2 comments on “Hello World!

  1. Marc T
    July 14, 2012

    UUUHHH I am very curious 馃檪 Can not wait to read the first article!

    • Join Environment
      August 12, 2012

      Hi Marc,
      thanks for following!
      I hope you will enjoy the next articles!

      Join Environment!

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