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Talking about… digital marketing.

Hello everybody!

Today I want to write about an advertisement that I created for a contest on Facebook. This contest is promoted by a Digital Marketing Agency based in London (AccuraCast) and it consist of creating a cover image for their Facebook Page.

Anyways, before to show it to you all and ask if you like it or not, I would like to introduce you to a bit of semiotic and explain how I created the cover image and which meaning I wanted to transfer to the public.

First of all I thought about the activity of the agency. They work in a SEO-, digital marketing and social network (SEM)- and web content sector… in few words they promote their clients’ brand on the web.

“Good – I thought – so they want to increase the brand/company’s visibility! (on the world-wide web)… yes! For example making the client’s web page one of the first organic results of search engines…”

After a while, I was still going on thinking about their activity and I was also concentrated on their web page’s graphic design. The main colours in it were grey, black and fuchsia; moreover a big starfish occupied the background. While I was focused on it… the idea for the cover image appeared in my mind!

Let Your Brand Rise.

I was thinking of a sunrise. During this natural phenomenon sun rises from the horizon in the same way as the web pages do – thanks to the SEO techniques – on the search engines!

Immediately I liked the idea, so I went on developing it. Searching through some of my pictures I found a sunrise at the beach (just to feed my romantic mood). Right away I started playing with the pic’s colours to further increase the style of it.

When I had the basic image, also a slogan rose in my mind. A nice pun (obviously in English!): “Let your brand Rise.”.

I think that the dot at the end of the sentence is fundamental. It is telling us “You don’t have any other choice. Let your brand Rise, do it at any cost.”

At this point the users could ask which way to use to “let their brand rise”. And the cover image answers: the sun (that is representing the brand of  potential customer) is enveloped by the symbol of the agency’s logo. In this way the cover image is telling the potential customers that the agency is the way how to increase the visibility of the brand.

Finally, on the top to the right, we can see the agency’s logo (pictogram and wordgram). In this way the user will activate a mental connection between the logo on the right and the pictogram on the sun. Moreover, I paid attention choosing the colours of the slogan. I wanted that they were the same as the original logo (white, black and fuchsia).

Last but not least, the position of the slogan, the sun with pictogram and the logo are not casual. In fact I wanted to give them this position to promote a reading direction from the bottom to the top; the same way as the sun and the web pages take when they rise!.

This is how I created the cover image. Now that you know it I would like to know what do you think about it. Do you think that it is a good digital marketing product?

If you like it I would be glad when you tell it to me on my Facebook Page. Click I like on the “Let your brand Rise” pic, share it and if you want comment it!.
That would help me for the contest.

Thanks everybody & Join Environment!

Read also the original article in Italian.


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